KesselsKramer creates ‘weird’ identity for sci-fi horror film festival

A washing machine as your best friend, 150 square meters of blood, and an injured bird as your therapist. At Imagine Fantastic Film Festival you can find the weirdest films in science-fiction, horror, fantasy, and anime. KesselsKramer creates a new identity that celebrates what makes Imagine unique: the weirdness.

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The one thing that all fantastic films at Imagine have in common is weirdness. Weird can be anything, it’s questioning the norms, distinguishing from the mainstream. Imagine believes that weird is something to be cherished, and does this through a new, ‘weird’ identity.

Rens de Jonge, creative director KesselsKramer: 

Weird is a wonderful thing. It can be creepy, strange, bizarre, supernatural, anxious, spooky, but it always puts life in a different perspective. That is what fantastic films are all about.
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Identity & campaign

Weird happens when you add something strange to something you already know. With this idea, KesselsKramer came up with an identity that plays with adding weirdness to something neutral. Visually, by adding a colorful typographical layer to a standard typeface. Textually, by adding unexpected elements to otherwise normal (campaign) messages. An anglerfish that provides its own light in the darkness was chosen as the festival's new logo. 


KesselsKramer teamed up with graphic designer Mārcis Lapiņš to create a font that is the essential part of the new identity. The design combines shapes from different movie genres – such as spikes (horror), slimy bubbles (sci-fi), and tentacles (anime). Similar to Imagine’s programming, all these genres are mixed into one.

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About Imagine Fantastic Film Festival

Imagine Fantastic Film Festival is a film festival in Amsterdam, focussed on fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Started in 1984, Imagine Fantastic Film Festival has grown out to be the biggest fantastic film festival in the Netherlands. From two locations in Amsterdam, Imagine organizes talks and shows films in the genres science fiction, horror, fantasy, martial arts, and anime.


About KesselsKramer 

Established in 1996, KesselsKramer is an independent design and communications agency based in Amsterdam, London, and Los Angeles. KesselsKramer is known for making “advertising for people who don’t like advertising” and their characteristic design & branding work for global and local brands, such as Monopoly, citizenM, Deutsches Museum and Timberland.



Client: Imagine Fantastic Film Festival

Agency: KesselsKramer 

Typography: Mārcis Lapiņš

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