KesselsKramer and Hasbro Make an Ode to Hotheads with an Eye-Catching Campaign for Monopoly Benelux

Agency taps into the fury of the game

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TV off, phones away, Monopoly on the table and…. Fight! While playing Monopoly, emotions can run high. Research conducted by its manufacturer Hasbro, even shows that 8 out of 10 people fight during a game of Monopoly. And that’s ok, says the new campaign by the Benelux department of boardgame manufacturer Hasbro, because fighting every once in a while is actually really good for your personal development. 

Landing on Boardwalk, having to sell all your streets, going almost broke and walking away from the table screaming. Those who played Monopoly once in their life, know these situations all too well. Because where most board games are made for a cozy night in, with Monopoly it’s different. This board game thinks it’s actually good when it’s not always fun and games. Especially in a time in which more ‘curling parents’ desperately try to sweep away obstacles in their children's paths, which also removes the chance for children to resolve conflict on their own. This insight formed the basis of the campaign, developed by KesselsKramer.

Where many board game manufacturers normally overload you with over-the-top perfect, happy and smooth family situations, Hasbro, KesselsKramer and photographer Erik Smits approach it in a different way. In the photography of Erik, who is known for his pure and honest photography, we see a side that’s closer to the reality of the game: portraits of children - hotheads - whose emotions have run up to the boiling point. 

fNo other game can get you as frustrated and irritated as Monopoly. You could say that fighting is our biggest USP. Floor Peters, brand manager Monopoly Benelux

Emotions running high and Monopoly are inseparable. According to pedagogue Dr. Krista Okma, fighting during a game such as Monopoly is especially good for your emotional development. Here you learn to express your emotions and deal with disappointments in a safe environment, which makes it the perfect practice. 

Fighting teaches children to express their emotions, to set boundaries, to stand up for themselves and to put themselves in other people’s shoes, for example. It can also be a good occasion to talk to children afterwards about important questions: How important is winning for them? Is it necessary to always be better than others? Dr. Krista Okma, pedagogue

In the campaign, the strong emotions during a game of Monopoly are combined with the positive aspects of fighting. Even though you might not always see it, a little fighting can actually be very valuable. Therefore, throwing the Monopoly board across the room has the potential to strengthen your relationship with your family. 

The campaign is displayed not only online, but also on the real streets found on the Monopoly board game. It can be found in the Dutch and Belgian equivalents of American streets like Boardwalk, Pacific Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Park Place.

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