This Campaign Asks You to Pretend You're Someone Else for Free Museum Entry

Museum Association and KesselsKramer launch first joint campaign for Museum Week

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In the run-up to Museum Week, the Museum Association and KesselsKramer are launching a striking campaign for Museum passholders and for people without a pass: from 1st to 7th April 2023, you can visit the museum with someone else's Museum Pass.

A Museum Pass for everyone 

The Museum Pass gives 1.4 million passholders year-round access to more than 450 museums. During the National Museum Week, the Museum Association wants to let as many new people as possible experience the benefits of a Museum Pass. That’s why for one week, museums won’t look if the visitor matches the photo on the pass, meaning you can use someone else's pass to visit the museum.

This is the first step in our long-term vision in which we want to lower the threshold for museum visits so that everyone has the opportunity to go to the museum.  Martin de Rooij, head of marketing and communication of the Museum Association

Headshot humans Headshot humans

The campaign shows a literal mix of the headshots of Museum Passholders and non-Museum Passholders. The contrasting combinations this produces, encourage passholders to share their pass with someone who doesn't visit the museum that often - from colleague to boyfriend to neighbour. People without a pass are in turn invited to borrow one from someone they know. This creates an interaction about the convenience and benefits of the Museum Pass.

This campaign is the start of a new collaboration between the Museum Association and KesselsKramer. By literally mixing all kinds of people together, we show how the Museum Pass is interesting for a much wider group Maartje Slijpen, associate creative director at KesselsKramer

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