Deutsches Museum Shows that 'ALL Is Science' in Campaign from KesselsKramer

With 'Alles ist Wissenschaft', KesselsKramer introduces a new brand identity and campaign that makes science relevant for a new generation of visitors

When it comes to building brands KesselsKramer usually advises its clients to choose one strength and make that the stronghold of the communication. For the Deutsches Museum, however, that one thing is paradoxically 'ALL'. 

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By embracing the diversity and scale of the collection, we developed a proposition that does the museum justice, but also explains why the collection is as diverse as it is. The collection contains cell phones, ships, a chalk mine, the world’s roundest object, a covid vaccine, and historical windmills because all of those things owe their existence to science. Rens de Jonge, creative director KesselsKramer

In fact, when you think about it, the whole world we live in can be explained scientifically. And because the museum views the world through scientific glasses, it has good reasons to collect the highlights from that world. 

A disrupt and reframe strategy based on behavioural science

The relaunch of the museum presented a perfect moment to communicate about the new exhibitions and appeal to less represented target groups, particularly millennials. Behavioural science shows these audiences are searching for unique experiences and want to be challenged to stimulate personal and social development. The Deutsches Museum is a unique place where you can have an up-close experience with science and technology, but up to now, many perceive it as a bit ‘dusty’. That’s why KesselsKramer developed a ‘disrupt and reframe’ strategy by making science socially and personally relevant. By highlighting that everything is science, it becomes much easier to identify yourself in the world of science.

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Organising ALL

ALL, however, remains quite a lot. To showcase all of that in an organised scientific manner, the new identity adopts a grid structure to display a variety of collection items, from all collection departments. This grid is topped off with the word ‘ALLES’ as a large and iconic wordmark, demonstrating the beautiful variety of the museum.

ALL outside of the museum

ALL does not only refer to the huge collection, but also to the world around us. After all, we live in a world that is inherently scientific - even when that's not really obvious. That's why the museum, from now on, will communicate her new exhibitions in the context of everyday life. The Deutsches Museum has exhibitions about pretty much everything: from ALL the manmade things that fly to ALL that's inside your body. 

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