NEMO: 'How curious is The Netherlands?'

Science Museum celebrates 100th anniversary with curiosity theme

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How does gravity work? Why do people have hiccups? What is a press release? For 100 years, the NEMO Science Museum has been stimulating curiosity in people with science and experiments. NEMO believes that everyone is curious, but sometimes we forget how special this really is. Curiosity ensures that you continue to grow, as a child and as an adult. This year, for its 100th anniversary, NEMO is celebrating curiosity with a year full of events, and is launching an anniversary campaign together with KesselsKramer with the mission: stay curious.

Lots of questions

Curiosity starts with asking questions: asking an infinite amount of questions about an infinite amount of things. Why does ice melt? How do you launch a rocket with a bicycle pump? How can humans smell? NEMO calls on the whole of the Netherlands to ask all their questions on the anniversary website: NEMO Here, every question will be answered by the NEMO editors. Asking questions is also central to the campaign. Forming a kind of question confetti, NEMO covers everyday objects with stickers with the most common start of each question: 'What? Why? How? Who? Where?'


The 100th anniversary campaign also marks the ‘nearly as long’ collaboration between KesselsKramer and NEMO. Since 2016, they have been developing imaginative (brand) campaigns about science for young and old. The campaign consists of a short film, campaign images, a radio commercial and a website. In addition, the question stickers from the campaign also return in event-specific media such as flags, tickets, banners, and in an interactive NEMO Science Tour through the Netherlands.

Boilerplate Nemo

At NEMO, the Netherland’s Science Museum in the center of Amsterdam, we challenge everyone, young and old, to discover how fascinating and relevant science and technology are. We show how special everyday phenomena are and bring abstract science in an accessible way.

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