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KesselsKramer was founded in Amsterdam in 1996 with a goal to create radically honest work for their clients. Their London offshoot was founded 12 years later as KK Outlet, a shop and gallery selling our published work and holding exhibitions, with a home for our London-based creative team below it. In 2021, we established kesseslkramer.digital, expanding our bases to the Hague and our expertise to the digital realm.

KesselsKramer helps people, brands and organisations communicate more clearly, effectively and funnily. Proud industry outsiders for over 25 years, our specialisms are only surpassed by our curiosity.

KesselsKramer affords you the ability to have fun with your communication because of the strength of the strategic rigour which precurses it.

We call it advertising for people who don’t like advertising.

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KesselsKramer legt basis voor Nederlandse deelname Expo 2025 in Osaka

Nederland is in 2025 vertegenwoordigd op de Expo (wereldtentoonstelling) in Osaka, Japan. In opdracht van de Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), legt KesselsKramer de basis voor de Nederl...

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